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Real Intelligence. Real Savings

Combining proven Automated System Optimization (ASO) technology with the human expertise of building scientists and engineers, BTune continuously retro-commissions all HVAC-related systems to best-practice energy efficiency standards personalized to your building.

BTune is compatible with most BMS and HVAC systems.

Is your building non-residential with an annual total energy spend of $200,000+ and an open protocol (e.g., BACnet) BAS/BMS? Then you can get started today with no additional equipment upgrades or upfront investment.


Simply connect the BTune edge computer to your BAS/BMS and we’ll do the rest.

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3.


Provide some key information about your building and its performance.


Receive a proposal with estimated reductions in energy use, costs, and emissions.


Pilot BTune in one building and easily scale across your portfolio to maximize results.

You have goals. BTune gives you outcomes.

With ambitious ESG targets, new government regulations and policies, and increasing demands on real estate portfolios, building owners and operators can now enjoy a data-backed, scalable solution for their portfolios. 

Faster Results

BTune provides nearly immediate reductions in energy use and carbon emissions - often within the first quarter of operation - which means you get outcomes 6-9 months faster than other market approaches

Proven Outcomes

Your results are proven through a robust measurement and verification process based on an internationally-recognized protocol (IPMVP), so you know the results you’re getting are real. Confidently apply them towards building rating assessments, ESG targets, and investment reports.

Less Effort

Utilizing human-logical AI along with our team of building experts, BTune can be installed in minutes and maintain best practice performance with a

Continuous Commissioning

Not only will BTune help you optimize your energy performance in a matter of weeks, but it will also help you maintain those savings over time with 24/7 continuous monitoring and correction,

 If you don't save, you don't pay. 

Our pay-for-performance pricing model reflects our confidence, targeting an immediate ROI for you and your organization.

Saving energy is just the beginning.

Operating your building to best practice HVAC standards won't just save you money on energy costs.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

By reducing energy use, BTune also lowers HVAC emissions. These optimisations deliver improved building ratings and are quantifiable towards Net Zero and ESG commitments.

Maximize Occupant Comfort

Best practice performance creates a more comfortable building environment for tenants, ensuring it is optimized based on need, reducing temperature spikes and troughs.

Extend Life of Building Assets

By running at Best Practice sequences and improving your visibility on HVAC operation, BTune can reduce the wear on plant and enable proactive maintenance, reducing call-out costs and asset attrition.

Increase Net Operating Income

Lower occupant costs and higher occupant satisfaction improve the bottom line. There is strong evidence that energy efficient buildings with lower attrition increase in asset value.

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