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If you don't save, you don't pay.

No CapEx. No risk.

At BTune, we believe sustainability should be good for business. With our outcomes-based pricing models, we give you the option to effectively "try before you buy."

Get an immediate project payback.

How It Works:


Select your preferred BTune "No Capex, No Risk" pricing model (variable or fixed). You pay nothing until the first month we have saved you energy, costs and carbon.


After analysing your building HVAC operation against industry best practice standards, we will present you with a proposed action plan and expected savings.


Once you approve the action plan, BTune will begin to deploy the new control strategies.


We measure and verify outcomes for one month. After the outcomes are proven, we then invoice you for your first subscription payment, which is typically equal to 50% of the savings on your energy bill, making the project an immediate return on investment. 


We will then repeat step 5 each month for an initial 24-month term; you can cancel at any time - there is no obligation.

Following the initial 24-month term, we will establish your new BTune Energy Baseline based on the savings we have achieved and calculate a new monthly flat fee for ongoing continuous commissioning. 

Our "No CAPEX, No Risk" Pricing Models

We offer two "No Capex, No Risk" business models to choose from: Variable and Fixed. 

Variable Subscription

The Variable Model subscription invoices change each month based on the actual outcomes that BTune achieves. The invoice is equal to 50% of the measured and verified energy usage cost savings achieved each month.


Month 1 energy savings from BTune = $10,000

  • BTune invoice of $5,000 ($10,000 * 50%)

  • Your savings after payment = $5,000

Month 2 energy savings from BTune = $18,000

  • BTune invoice of $9,000

  • Your savings after payment = $9,000

Fixed Subscription

The Fixed Model subscription invoices are the same each month, irrespective of the outcomes BTune achieves. The invoice is equal to the agreed fixed monthly subscription, typically equivalent to 5%-7.5% of your average monthly energy usage costs. 


Annual energy spend of $400,000; monthly energy spend of $33,333

  • BTune invoice of $1,666 to $2,500 per month ($33,333 * 5%  OR $33,333 x 7.5%)


If BTune reduces energy consumption by 15%, the average month energy cost savings will be $5,000 =

  • Your savings after payment = $2,500 to $3,333 

Ready to see how much you can save?

Provide some data about your building and we'll send you a comprehensive estimate on the reductions in energy use, cost, and carbon emissions you can achieve with BTune.

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