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Continuous Commissioning


ANZ Centre

Year Built



125,000 sq ft


Office & Retail

Think you can't save more? Think again.

When the ANZ Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand was built in 2015, it was deemed to be energy efficient based on the operational energy use intensity. BTune estimated we could further reduce energy use by 15%.

After our edge computer was connected to the BAS, BTune autonomously identified 12 key Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) to reduce energy consumption across more than 200 individual pieces of equipment, with no additional works required from a controls contractor or the facilities team to execute.

Following the approval of these ECMs by the client, BTune’s automated system optimization function was enabled and reduced HVAC energy use by 18%. The next two days saw reductions of 41% and 36%, respectively (see figure below).  

Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 5.44.45 PM.png

The Future of Automated HVAC Optimization

The ANZ Centre leveraged BTune's technology known as Automated System Optimization (ASO). ASO is technology that enables the continuous analysis and automatic adjustment of building management system parameters to optimize the energy use and process output – including occupant comfort and emissions reduction – from systems operating within buildings.


This technology is a generational leap forward from traditional building tuning. BTune's automated HVAC optimization technology can not only identify performance issues in just a matter of days, but its software can autonomously override the BAS settings using supervisory control to address the performance issues and get the HVAC operating to industry best practice standards (such as ASHRAE Guideline 36).


The HVAC optimisation process that traditionally takes multiple contractors and a year or more of calendar time to complete can now deliver measured and verified energy saving results within just a month or two.

A demonstration of this ASO technology is visualized below. In the first graphic, the plotted green dots on the left show the automated analytics for one heating valve (among 150 valves) when BTune’s ASO technology is not enabled, with the sudden jump alerting to inefficient operation. The temperature chart on the right side of the graphic shows how this poorly-performing valve led to inefficient heating operation outside of the optimal control zone.

Image 1.png

BTune's automatic analytics alerting to inefficient operation of the valve.

Observed inefficient operation outside of optimal control curve/zone.

The second graphic showcases the performance after BTune’s ASO technology is enabled, in which it autonomously identified, analysed, and adjusted the controls settings to return valve performance to efficient operation. Subsequently, observed operation now adheres to optimal control zones.

Image 2.png

Automatic analytic alerts at zero when BTune ASO is enabled.

Observed operation adheres to the optimal control curve/zone.

Continuous Commissioning and Immediate Payback

Because BTune is running a continuous loop of monitoring, diagnostics, and correction, it maintains this optimal performance at all times, meaning the ANZ Centre can be certain that has long as BTune is deployed in their building, their HVAC is operating at absolute peak energy efficiency. 

BTune has been enabled inside of the ANZ Centre for one year and has reduced HVAC energy consumption by anywhere from 26-37% per month, leading to an annual reduction in whole building energy use of 16%.

There was zero upfront cost to the ANZ Centre to deploy BTune and since we've been enabled, our solution has paid for itself out of the savings it has generated, meaning they have been able to optimize energy performance and improving the rating of their building while decreasing operating expenses. 

Ready to see how much you can save?

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