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Local Law 97 and Beyond

The HVAC Energy Efficiency Opportunity

In the bustling landscape of New York City, building owners face a dual challenge – complying with stringent regulations like Local Law 97 while maintaining a long-term commitment to sustainability. This ambitious legislation is challenging building owners to implement sustainable solutions in the near-term, creating the tightrope walk of achieving compliance without compromising operational efficiency and profitability.

The HVAC Opportunity

Did you know the HVAC system in large buildings typically consumes between 40-60% of all energy?


Still, optimizing the HVAC system is a complex process that has traditionally required significant budget, time, and bandwidth commitments. Fortunately, new technology is creating an opportunity for proactive measures that go beyond just avoiding fines.

BTune's solution uses a technology known as Automated System Optimization (ASO), which leverages a library of advanced Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) and real-time data analytics to optimize HVAC systems quickly and continuously, minimizing energy waste and excess carbon while prioritizing occupant comfort.  

Navigating Local Law 97


With the 2024 compliance period around the corner, the New York City Department of Buildings recently issued a new set of rules on the implementation of Local Law 97. Under the proposed rules, owners can get two more years to comply with the impending climate law, but only if they can demonstrate concrete steps towards decarbonization that will result in them achieving their 2024 targets by 2027 and their 2030 targets on time by 2030.


Solutions like BTune can help with Local Law 97 requirements with:

  1. Real-time Monitoring: Compliance is an ongoing process, and Automated System Optimization provides real-time monitoring. This ensures that you not only meet initial targets but consistently stay within the carbon cap, avoiding penalties and maintaining optimal performance. This monitoring alone should meet the requirements of "good faith effort" to delay any penalties.

  2. Emission Reductions: By tuning HVAC systems, Automated System Optimization significantly reduces carbon emissions—as high as 50% in buildings that are heavily supplied by fossil fuels. This not only helps meet Local Law 97 requirements but also positions your building as an eco-friendly leader in the heart of NYC.


The Long-Term Sustainability Advantage

Beyond mere compliance, Automated System Optimization offers building owners a strategic advantage in their long-term sustainability goals.

  1. Energy Cost Savings: Optimized HVAC systems translate into lower energy consumption, leading to substantial cost savings over time. This financial benefit complements the sustainability narrative, making your building a beacon of responsible business practices.

  2. Enhanced Equipment Lifespan: Continuous optimization ensures that HVAC equipment operates at peak efficiency, reducing wear and tear. This not only minimizes maintenance costs but also extends the lifespan of your equipment, contributing to a sustainable, circular approach to resource use.

  3. Adaptability to Future Regulations: As sustainability standards evolve, Automated System Optimization technology ensures your building remains adaptable. It can be updated and fine-tuned to meet new regulations, safeguarding your investment in a future-proof manner.

BTune makes sustainability good for your business.

At BTune, our mission is to help the buildings industry decarbonize at scale to help lead the charge to a lower-carbon future. Our solution is built by the buildings industry, for the buildings industry so we understand the unique challenges you face in trying to drive more sustainable operations without disrupting your business.

Here's what makes BTune a unique efficiency solution:

  • Outcomes, Not Insights: It's nice to know how you can improve building operations, but know what's even better? Actually improving building operations. Technology like ASO goes beyond insights to deliver measured and verified reductions in energy use, costs, and carbon emissions. What's more, BTune can deliver initial outcomes in as quickly as the first quarter of operation.

  • No Upfront Costs + Pay-For-Performance Pricing: What good is saving money on energy if you're blowing it all on software subscriptions and consulting fees? BTune has zero upfront costs to get started, including onboarding and installation. It works with the equipment you already have, so there are no upgrades required. And, our fees are based on the outcomes we deliver which means BTune pays for itself out of the savings it generates.

  • Customized Solutions: Every building is unique in the way it is designed and operated, and so should be your HVAC strategy. Advanced technology like BTune can deliver tailored solutions, such as zone-specific controls and occupancy-specific scheduling, ensuring that your system operates at peak efficiency without unnecessary energy consumption while maintaining or improving occupant comfort. What's more, your facilities team can use BTune however they see fit, ensuring they maintain control over operations. 


Take Action Today


HVAC energy efficiency isn't just a reactive response to Local Law 97—it's a strategic move toward a more sustainable and cost-effective future. By proactively embracing HVAC energy efficiency, you not only ensure compliance with Local Law 97 but also position your building as a leader in the green revolution. The path to sustainability begins with a single step—make yours a giant leap towards a brighter, cleaner future for your property and the planet.

Learn how BTune can help you reach your energy and carbon goals—quickly, easily and with no upfront costs

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