Next-Gen HVAC Retro-Commissioning

For a Zero Carbon Future

Deploy scalable, data-driven continuous retro-commissioning for your HVAC system to be running at Best Practice standards - reducing building energy use, running costs, and carbon emissions by up to 40%.

BTune's technology operates building HVAC systems at Best Practice operational standards via human traceable decisions and measurable actions.

Up to 40%

Reduction in Annual Energy Consumption

Up to 50%

Reduction in Annual Carbon Emissions


Reduction in Annual Energy Costs


Most commercial building HVAC systems

waste 15-40% of their energy

by not operating at Best Practice standards.

That’s over $400 billion in wasted energy costs and 1 Gigatonne of excess carbon, equal to the carbon emissions from 200 million people each year.

As a result, many building owners and operators are losing money through wasted energy, lower building ratings, and reduced tenant satisfaction. 

BTune was built to fix that...

Using the existing BMS and HVAC infrastructure, BTune quickly compares a building's HVAC operation against industry Best Practices. Then, at the press of a button, BTune can begin personalizing operations in your building to Best Practice standards through BMS set point overrides.

And deliver an immediate ROI

With no upfront CAPEX or fees required, your first invoice is sent after we generate, measure, and verify savings for one month. That means you're paying your invoice from the money we just helped you save.


More than simply saving energy.

With ambitious ESG & Net Zero commitments, we know you need more outcomes than just saving money. In addition to measured & verified reductions, BTune provides a variety of co-benefits for our building partners.

Save Time & Accelerate Results

Leveraging our technology, our team of building experts ensures Best Practice performance, getting you to your goals faster and saving you time in the process.

Extend Life of Building Assets

By running at Best Practice sequences and improving your visibility on HVAC operation, BTune can reduce the wear on plant and enable proactive maintenance, reducing call-out costs and asset attrition.

No Equipment Upgrades Required

No plant upgrades or additional equipment needed from qualifying Building Management Systems, all while maintaining your warranties.

Maximize Occupant Comfort

Best practice performance creates a more comfortable building environment for tenants, ensuring it is optimised based on need, reducing temperature spikes and troughs.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

By reducing energy use, BTune also lowers HVAC emissions. These optimisations deliver improved building ratings and are quantifiable towards Net Zero and ESG commitments.

Increase Net Operating Income

Lower occupant costs and higher occupant satisfaction improve the bottom line. There is strong evidence that energy efficient buildings with lower attrition increase in asset value.

Get an immediate return on your investment. 

No upfront fees. No CAPEX. No risk.

We don't charge you anything upfront. Instead, we measure and verify outcomes for one month. After outcomes are proven, we invoice for your first subscription payment, typically equal to 50% of the savings we achieve.


That means you only pay if you save. 

BTune gives you outcomes, not ideas.

Our partners get verified, measurable results to help them meet their goals.

Aorangi House_1.png

Aorangi House

NABERS Base Building Uplift | Wellington

1.5 Star

Improved Energy Performance Rating


Reduction in Base Building Energy Consumption


Reduction in Base Building Carbon Emissions



Carbon & Cost Reduction | Auckland


Energy Cost Savings

1,233 T




Combined Gas & Electrical Reduction


"BTune has helped us significanty reduce our energy use and carbon footprint aross mulitple buildings - one of our buildings saw a 40% reduction in our natural gas consumption! After the first two projects paid themselves back in 12-18 months, we decided to move forward with eight more and are very happy with the results."

- Ben Thrupp, Energy Manager, Wellington City Council

Interested in becoming a BTune partner? 

BTune is looking to partner with organisations who share our vision for a zero carbon future with no building HVAC energy waste and lower emissions.

If you manage, operate, maintain, tune, commission, or optimise non-residential buildings and want an easy, fast, and scalable way to reduce energy waste in HVAC operations, we'd love to talk with you.