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Decarbonize your building
with no upfront cost.

Leverage BTune's Automated System Optimization solution to continuously retro-commission your HVAC system and cut your energy use, costs, and related carbon emissions by 20% or more.

BTune gives you outcomes, not just ideas.

BTune works 24/7 to continuously retro-commission your building's HVAC operation to industry best-practice standards, ensuring systems are always running at optimal performance, identifying areas of improvement, and autonomously implementing new strategies customized to your building.

Up to 40%

Reductions in

Energy Consumption

Up to 50%

Reductions in

Carbon Emissions

Up to 30%

Reductions in

Energy Costs

Ready to see how much much more you can save?

Image by Sean Pollock

Most commercial building HVAC systems

waste 15-40% of their energy.

That includes buildings rated as energy-efficient. Even buildings that have been professionally commissioned or tuned typically see those savings erode within 3 to 5 years without continuous monitoring and correction.

BTune was built to fix that.

Get an immediate project payback.

No upfront fees. No equipment upgrades. No capital needed to get started.

We don't charge you anything upfront. Instead, we measure and verify outcomes for one month. After outcomes are proven, we invoice for your first subscription payment, typically equal to 50% of the savings we achieve.


In most cases, BTune pays for itself out of the savings it generates.


"BTune helped us significantly reduce our energy use and carbon footprint across multiple buildings - one of our buildings saw a 40% reduction in our natural gas consumption! After the first two projects paid themselves back in 12-18 months, we decided to move forward with eight more and are very happy with the results."

Ben Thrupp, Energy Manager

Wellington City Council

Interested in becoming a BTune Partner?

BTune is looking to partner with organizations who share our vision to eliminate HVAC energy waste and lower carbon emissions.

If you provide energy management, ESG, or carbon reduction services to non-residential buildings and want an easy, fast, and scalable way to reduce energy waste in HVAC operations, we'd love to talk with you.

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