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On average, BTune generates double-digit reductions in energy waste, running costs, and carbon emissions, making your building's energy efficiency truly sustainable so that you can focus on your other Net Zero priorities. 



Auckland University of Technology Mana Hauora Building



Wellington Museum

New Zealand



Wellington City Gallery



Victoria University of Wellington

AMAC Laboratory Building



Aorangi House, Wellington

New Zealand



Stride Property, Office Building

22 The Terrace, Wellington


Commercial Office Building

Continuous Commissioning

BTune was deployed across the office area of this 10,000m² (100,000ft²), 5-year-old mixed office and retail building, comprising 45% of all energy used in the building.​

The building was deemed to be energy efficient before BTune. Still, BTune’s Best Practice strategies have reduced HVAC energy use by 25% to 37% per month.​


Reduction in Whole Office Energy Use


Reduction in Cumulative HVAC Energy Use

BTune Supervisory

Control Started

Variation in savings due to changes in weather, occupancy, and hours of operation.


Aorangi House

NABERS Base Building Uplift | Wellington

"Wellington’s Aorangi House is one of New Zealand’s most energy-efficient buildings. Once an outdated and unoccupied office building first built in 1970, it’s now a 5.5 star NABERSNZ-rated green building that uses approx. 64% less energy than the average commercial office building in New Zealand."

 - World Green Building Council


The project’s largest saver (a total of 8 savings measures were implemented) was the reduced use of their gas boiler and maximised use of a higher efficiency electric VRF system. Hence, the project opted to promote electricity over gas and resulted in the substitution of a cheaper fuel type (gas) for a more expensive type (electricity). Still, a relatively quick payback was achieved as there was no large investment in new equipment required.

Aorangi House won the award for "Leadership in Sustainable Design and Performance" at the 2018 WGBC Awards and CIBSE Awards.

1.5 Star

NABERS Rating Improvement


Reduction in Base Building Carbon Emissions


Reduction in Base Building Energy Consumption

“We are delighted with the 5.5 Star NABERSNZ rating for such an iconic and mature building. There is growing evidence to support the view that an efficient energy performance improves the value of a building.”

— Anaro Investment Group


AUT Mana Hauora

12 Months Continual Building Tuning | Auckland

“The benefits of BTune include lower energy overhead costs, improved energy efficiency, better quality internal environment and greater user satisfaction."

The MH building opened in 2017 and was designed from the beginning to set a new benchmark for energy efficiency across AUT’s building portfolio. 

After opening, AUT chose BTune to undertake a 12-month tuning project that focused heavily on the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system and lighting.

In the first year of operating, it was estimated that BTune's building tuning work delivered reductions of:

  • Energy consumption by 230,000- 260,000kWh/year

  • 30%-33% in whole building energy consumption

  • $26,000-$29,000 in energy costs

  • GHG emissions by 32-36 T CO2-e/year

Aorangi House

NABERS Base Building Uplift | Wellington

“BTune have been able to put in place in both buildings energy management systems that have given us, as a non-profit organisation, substantial savings in energy costs and use.”

— Simon Jones, Buildings Manager - Experience Wellington


22 The Terrace

Carbon Emissions Reduction | Wellington

22 The Terrace is a 10 story commercial office building with 5,000 sq m of floor space and is more than 20 years old. Stride Property engaged BTune to improve energy efficiency while reducing carbon emissions.

BTune's team of building scientists and energy efficiency specialists have continuously gathered and monitored data from the building’s systems, including fan speeds, valve positions, and temperatures. BTune performs automated analytics to provide insights into where energy is being wasted, and these insights are developed into an action plan to deliver significant outcomes for 22 The Terrace.

Outcomes Delivered

  • Annual energy cost savings of $17,000

  • Annual carbon emissions decreased by 25 tonnes

  • 19% reduction in whole building energy use

“Stride Property in partnership with BTune has a definitive energy monitoring tool that actually works. BTune also provides the professional analysis as to the 'why' and gives direction with the 'how' in energy management.


Stride Property Limited aims for smarter energy management through continuous monitoring and diagnostics. BTune has succeeded in creating significant energy savings at 22 The Terrace.”

- Alistair Mee, Facilities Manager, Stride Property Ltd

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